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Who We Are

Set up in 2004, OakTree Advisers has long been a force in Singapore’s investors relations (IR) sector, providing a wide range of specialist consultancy services in financial and investor communications that have been instrumental in helping clients to establish their brands and achieve their growth targets. Today, we continue to raise the bar by devising creative programmes that enable companies to tell their stories – stories that make investors and the media sit up and listen.


Our Aspirations


Our Passion

Our Passion lies in helping our clients, especially the promising young enterprises, to attain their full potential.


Our Niche

Our Niche lies in finding constructive ways to demonstrate their competitive edge and prospects, so investors and other parties will recognise their true worth and fair value.


Our Goal

Our Goal is to work in concert with these enterprise to reach out to their target audiences, growing with them as they spread their wings and win the endorsement they deserve.


Our Edge


We Grasp

At OakTree Advisers, we have the training and the experience to quickly grasp what your business is all about, where you draw your strengths, how you harness your capabilities, which growth path you will follow – that allows us to craft IR solutions that will bring you the support and recognition you deserve from the investing community.


We Drive

Backed by our extensive expertise in executing successful IR programmes, we are able to drive home your message for the most effective corporate positioning, which allows investors and other parties to better understand your business and your strategies, as well as assess your growth outlook.


We Know

Our strong relationship with the media and our long-established links with the financial community open up channels that will help you secure the audience you need to tell your story, gaining you crucial investor and stakeholder support for funding and other strategic objectives.  


The Team


Armed with an in-depth knowledge of a multitude of industries, our diverse team of IR consultants and other dedicated professionals work closely with clients to ensure that key messages are delivered with maximum impact, allowing them to connect productively with their audiences, partnering them every step of the way as they advance to the next phase.

This team of highly committed professionals is led by CEO Nora Cheng a respected veteran of the financial industry.

Nora Cheng, CEO 

Nora began her IR career in 2002, after 15 years as an equities analyst. Her ability to spot true potential and her dexterity at managing investor concerns have served our clients well over the years. While she headed research at BNP Paribas Peregrine Securities, she was ranked among Singapore’s top analysts in the Asiamoney Brokers Polls in 1999-2001. Her sectors included transport, hotels, marine, healthcare, F&B, media, conglomerates and property. Having been a financial journalist with The Straits Times and Reuters, Nora is also well-versed in dealing with the media.




Our Services

At OakTree Advisers, our first priority is to help your company unlock value by shaping a compelling enterprise story that will rivet target audiences, revealing your strengths and true worth. We will work with you at every turn to develop clear, forceful messages that drive home the key factors that make your company stand apart as a winning investment.



To best meet your needs as your company evolves and matures, we offer a creative array of professional services that will enable you to be heard and recognised by key audiences, using our experience and expertise to structure a multifaceted communications programme or other solutions that will affirm your brand and standing.





Ongoing Financial and Corporate Communications

To successfully engage investors in today’s complex and ever-changing markets, companies must stand out by presenting a distinct and convincing agenda, building trust and support through sustained and transparent communications even as they deliver on their plans.


Our IR solutions are geared towards helping your company develop a strong, concerted voice that will earn you the recognition you well deserve and establish the support base that will further your goals. We will help you forge a range of powerful communication tools, including investor presentations that are designed to tell your story simply but with authority.



Training to Meet the Media and Investors

Moreover, we will arm your executive team with the practical skills they need to communicate successfully with stakeholders as well as wider forums by providing specially tailored coaching sessions that will hone their response to any number of critical scenarios. These workshops will enhance their performance when dealing with the media and investors.



Crisis Management

Crisis and issue management is another pivotal arena where we are skilled in helping companies to retain investor confidence by keeping communication lines open, managing perceptions and safeguarding reputations – all of which are central to maintaining their market value.



IPOs and RTOs

Our acknowledged expertise in these areas also makes us a preferred partner for companies seeking to expand their business and raise their profile through an IPO, an RTO or other fund-raising initiatives.


To help your company secure the most desirable outcome, we will devise a comprehensive programme that showcases your strengths while countering investor concerns. We will direct the entire investor and media profiling process, priming your spokespeople, developing collateral materials and providing essential event management services.



Annual Reports, Corporate Brochures & Videos, Press Releases

As your IR partner, we take pride in our ability to add value to your company by making the most of every tool at hand to give you the strongest positioning, crafting solutions that can form part of an integrated package or that answer immediate needs as they arise. The power of the annual report as a marketing tool is often overlooked, but we can transform it into an added channel for delivering your vision and strategies to a wide and varied audience.


Other marketing and branding tools that have proved their value in enabling investors to understand a company are carefully conceptualised corporate brochures and videos that clarify its targets and strategies. Managed well, judiciously directed media releases can also steer investor attention to pressing issues and developments that will determine a company’s future.


Ultimately, our goal is to see you embrace your potential – and we stand ready to deploy every available resource to help you do so, by taking your story to the market and telling investors why your company is the one to back. 






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